Indatech is a family initiative focused on the recycling and reuse of computer equipment by restoring and marketing them in order to reduce the impact caused by the accumulation of electrical and electronic waste (WEEE). What are the consequences of the accumulation of WEEE? When we have a computer in our house we do not generate risks of contaminating the environment but when this loses its function or utility at the time it is discarded toxic substances are released that are difficult elimination, among them are lead and mercury that have serious effects on the brain and the circulatory system and nervous, the cadmium that can come to produce infertility, among other causes contaminants that in the end end in the air, earth and water. Has the product really exhausted its useful life? The world is constantly changing, especially the computer world, therefore, individuals not only come off their old computers for damage or failure in the operating system


To carry out negotiations of purchase and sale of wholesale and retail recertified computer equipment of high quality and affordable prices. Induce environmental awareness by combining ecological thinking with business.


To position ourselves in the market as a reference company at a national and international level in the processes of purchase of wholesale and retail computer equipment. Be suppliers of computer equipment to SMEs throughout the national territory. Expand the message nationally and internationally about the advantages of re-using recertified products.